Each consultation (adults or children) involves a full up to 60minutes assessment, use of Ultrasound scanning to assist diagnosis (included) and implementation of treatment plan. During this time, we will discuss your medical history, activity level, footwear choices for work and leisure as well as an extensive assessment of your gait, joints and a discussion around how we can address your issues. Different treatment options will be presented and discussed full with you.

Gait analysis is a method used to highlight biomechanical abnormalities. Being able to move efficiently is important in avoiding injuries. Gait analysis usually involves walking or running on a treadmill. During the assessment I will observe the pattern of movement, in particular your feet, ankles, knees and hips. In my specialist setting I will use a video recorder which will be set up behind the treadmill. It will record your gait/running which will then be relayed to a laptop where slow motion and freeze frame can be used to carefully assess your running or walking style. In addition to the above I will also be using revolutionary FOOTSCAN which will enable me to assess your gait even further. It is equipment that is used in elite sport and also rehabilitation. We use it for analysis as well as designing you bespoke 3D orthoses. We are the only clinic to have this in the Forest of Dean.

Orthoses (or as you have probably heard of them, insoles) are a tool used to help reduce pain and get you back to activity. These can be off the shelf and modified or custom made. Not everyone needs custom made and it is very much down to the assessment and the activity levels for which they are required. Orthoses are not always needed for life and can be a simple tool to use during the rehabilitation process with other therapies.

MLS Laser Therapy

MLS® Class 4 laser therapy can be used to reduce pain and inflammation in musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. Patients will often see an improvement from the first session, and in conditions where muscle spasm and contracture are present, you’ll feel the difference, enabling you to give manual treatments more easily.

Treatment for ingrown, distorted, painful, post traumatic and/or fungal nails. This service can be for adults and children (age considered).

 Please note initial consultation is required and this includes screening such as vascular and neurological prior surgery. The assessment will be carried out and surgery will be scheduled for the closest date possible. It will not be done on the same day.

Diabetes is a very complex medical condition and as it effects our body on multiple levels, feet frequently can/do suffer and at times can be forgotten. Same applies to other autoimmune conditions that affect our bone, muscles, nerves, joints.

It is important to be aware of any changes that are occurring so that they can be taken care of in a timely and medically appropriate manner.

A full and comprehensive assessment delivers the following:

  • Circulation (Vascular supply) check
  • Nerve supply
  • Footwear assessment
  • Pressure plate assessment using Footscan
  • Full report which includes results as well as containing any recommendations that I may have (in line with NICE Guidelines and evidence-based practice).

Injection therapy is performed when conservative measures have failed and or are stagnant. Please note this is not to substitute rehabilitation, orthoses and/or other therapy but to work as an adjunct to rehabilitate you further.
The fee includes the medication that will be administered, Ultrasound scan guidance to ensure accurate positioning, dressing and any additional equipment used. This is all done under sterile conditions.
You will be fully consulted about the medication, potential pros and cons, as well as post injection advice. A copy of the record will be issued to you and your GP.

N.B: These are age restricted. Kids and adolescents can not be injected due to the effect it may have and as a result is a contraindication.

N.B: Please note initial consultation is required prior to the procedure to ensure that it is suitable procedure for you and to ensure it is medically safe to undergo.

We aim to provide combined clinics between Olga Jones (Consultant Podiatrist) and Physiotherapy Specialists. Please ask for further information as it is very client driven depending on the nature of the injury. To discuss further please email: [email protected]

Meanwhile, please be advised that we work with the following professionals located in the clinic:

  • Physiotherapy Specialists
  • Acupuncture Therapist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Counseling
  • Pilate Classes
  • Yoga Classes
  • Allergy Therapy